TO REMOVE BLOATWARE YOU MUST BE ROOTED, Prep'd your Phone , and Prep'd your Computer

1. Hit the market place again and do a search for titanium backup.

2. Download the free version and let it install

3. Once its up and running click the problems button at the bottom.

4. When prompted with a information box, select yes do it.

5. When its done, go to the top and select backup/restore

6. Select the app you want to remove and select uninstall on the menu that pops up.

7. The following applications are safe to remove. Don't remove it if you will be using it. If you somehow delete something and find you want it back, look around the captivate forums at XDA developers for a backup apk.

  • AT&T Navigator
  • AT&T Radio
  • AT&T Maps
  • AT&T Music
  • AT&T Hotspots
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Video
  • Where
  • YPmobile
  • AT&T FamilyMap
  • Mini Diary
  • MobiTV
  • Write and Go
  • Media Hub
  • Daily Breifing

  • If you try to uninstall an application and recieve an error about the APK file cannot be found, it is because you already updated the application from the Andriod Market. You'll need to load the Market app, and uninstall the update first.

8. Other apps that are safe to uninstall include: The IM App and the following live wallpapers: Aurora, Bluesea, Dandelion, Luminescence, MagicSmoke, Music Visualization.